when you walk through the waters…

It was the first time God had spoken to me. In the middle of the night, I awoke with the words on my lips, “When you walk through the waters, I will be with you.”


I googled them to find Isaiah 43:2.

Little did I know 2 weeks later I would go through my first big breakup from my first ever serious relationship.

God had truly gone before me to reassure me that He would be with me through the heartache. And with me He was.

Fast forward to being engaged to Clay: we had a joke about being on page 432 (You know, like when people say they wanna get on the same page. We’d always say “page 432”). Well, on Valentine’s Day we had some ridiculous argument during when I looked over to the # on the gate behind me — to find none other than 432!

We both laughed and basically forgot what we were arguing about.

Fast forward to the week of our wedding: Clay gives me this sign as a gift. I pretty much gasped. “432!” he said, not knowing it was the very verse God had spoken to me that night.

God has since proven those words to be true — through the other heartaches in my life of chronic pain & miscarriage among others. I love looking at this Truth each day, in whatever season I am in, for I find I am always in need of its reminder.

I’m thankful for this gift. I’m thankful for the mysterious ways in which God works, writes our stories, and ties little seemingly random odds and ends together to reveal His presence and glory.

To Him be the glory for this snippet of my story.

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