I had a dream so big and loud

“I had a dream so big and loud, I jumped so high I touched the clouds.” – American Authors⠀

I took this photo sitting on the dock of a pier over the Atlantic Ocean while on a film shoot in Florida.⠀

I was hired through a Skype audition and flown first class for this leading role in a faith-based short.⠀

It was pretty much a dream come true.⠀

And yet my dreams have shifted.⠀

Right now. My dream is to be a good mom. It takes pretty much everything I have right now, running on so little sleep.⠀

I know this too shall pass. And the dream of acting may return.⠀

I’ll always love it. And it’ll always be there.⠀

Have you postponed a dream for those you love? Has God shifted your current dream to be something completely new and different?⠀

As Ecclesiastes says, “There is a time for everything and a season for everything under the sun.”⠀

The most ironic part of this role? It came—seemingly out of the blue—after I let all my reps go here in LA after I heard God call me to focus completely on writing my book. Here I was landing a role with no reps, and with no seeking after acting at all, when for so many years I struggled to secure roles with acting being my main focus! I felt God telling me, “I will surely bless you if you will simply listen to my voice.”⠀

Today I sit under the same sun. Living under the same God. Just living a slightly different dream as per what I hear from His voice. And I am filled with reassurance by this remembrance that He’s got this. He’s got us. He’s got all our dreams. And we can surely trust Him to hold them all and bring the ones He has planned for us to fruition in His perfect timing.

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