the one thing I hope she always knows.


Mama. My first nickname for you.⠀

Noellie Ellie.⠀

My warrioress.⠀

My little monkey.⠀

No No.⠀

My squishy baby.⠀

Pookie Bear. Pook. My Pook.⠀

My sweet girl. ⠀

My little bambino.⠀

Of all the names I have for you, the greatest one of all of this: His.⠀

You are His. His child. The daughter of the Most High King.⠀

He has called you by name; You are His.⠀



May you never forget this. May you always know it. May it come alive in your heart and pour out through your actions.⠀

My prayer for you, sweet girl.⠀

My dream for you, my rainbow baby.⠀

My hope for you, my most treasured gift.⠀

. . .

photo: Apple Rose Photography

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