a letter to my daughter for when she becomes a mother

It will be hard, but it will be the greatest thing you’ve ever done.

It will get dark, but there will be infinitely more moments of incredible light. And awe. And wonder. And joy. Deep, deep joy.

You will feel like you’ve failed, but the truth of God will fill you with hope that failure is just the avenue to learning, growth, improvement, health, and a closer walk with Jesus to the true happy ending ahead.

You will battle guilt, but grace wins every time. God’s grace will be weightier than the guilt that burdens your heart. God’s glory actually means “weighty” and it is heavier, weightier, and mightier than any guilt we battle. The war has been won. And grace wins.

You won’t do it perfectly, but God’s perfect love covers all, closes the gap. So let go, hold on to Him, and enjoy the journey—the marvelous, wonderous, mysterious journey of motherhood.

You’re going to be great, baby girl.

You’re going to do just fine.

He’ll be holding your hands, holding you up, just like I do with you.

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