Lift 16


We all fall short. We all fall down. We all struggle. We all carry burdens.

We all rejoice. We all feel peace. We all experience hope. We’ve all tasted goodness.

I know in my own life – even in just the past couple of months – I have experienced both great blessing and great pain.

Life is full of ups and downs. Trials and victories. Testing and deliverance. Whether you’re in a season of the former or the latter, Jesus longs to be a part of both. And so do some incredible women…

If you are a girl in your 20s, I pray you would consider signing up for this amazing two-day retreat next April. You will hear from some phenomenal Christ-seeking women in their 30s who want to share their ups and downs with you. They want to share Christ’s faithfulness in their own lives – as they help to reaffirm His faithfulness in your own.

You will be poured into by some incredible women speakers (including Tim Tebow’s sister!) who have said this of their desire for the conference:

“We want to open up our hearts to you and share vulnerably about successes and failures, loves and losses, disappointments and dreams. We want to lift your eyes to the One who transforms brokenness into beauty, works miracles out of messes, and gives us a life purpose that lights our hearts on fire.” 

Jesus is there waiting for us to seek Him in all seasons – to turn to Him for strength in difficult times, to rejoice with Him in victorious times, and to rely on Him for patience in the in between times. He’s waiting for us to life our eyes to Him – the One who will lift us to higher heights than we’ve traversed, to greater dreams than we’ve dreamed, to greater peace than we’ve ever felt. Lift 16.

“And when they lifted up their eyes, they saw no one but Jesus only.” Matthew 17:8

“Your love keeps lifting me higher; I can stand up and face the world.” – Audio Adrenaline, Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher

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