5 tips for fostering your marriage in motherhood

I’ll never forget our first date.
Clay had me create a playlist, and we walked down the 3rd Street Promenade listening to it. He slipped his hand into mine for the very first time. We walked up the pier just as his playlist
began It Is Well with My Soul, and I remember thinking that it truly felt well with my soul. We
danced on the bluffs overlooking the ocean under starlight to what would become our song.
It was magical. Something right out of a movie.

Fast forward five years later.
We hadn’t been on a date in months, I hadn’t put on makeup in weeks, and I was covered in
spit up most hours of the day.
Our sweet baby girl wouldn’t take a bottle, and I was borderline depressed due to extreme
sleep deprivation. Top it off with Clay starting law school the week she was born, and well, it
was nothing close to magical.

It can be a difficult transition going from wife to wife and mom.
And it’s an even more difficult transition in the midst of a pandemic.

I’ll admit I haven’t always handled the transition with grace. And yet both God and my husband
have bestowed upon me grace after grace.

I have, however, learned a lot, and would love to share with you—

5 tips for fostering your marriage in motherhood

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