woman of many roles

#womensupportingwomen: As I contemplated this Instagram movement, I heard a whisper: “Deborah.” And as I settled into the rocking chair on our patio with my coffee, a blanket, and my Bible, I was inspired by this woman. I pray you are, too.


Deborah: woman of many roles

Deborah was the only female judge given by God to the Israelites for rescue in a dark time after losing their sense of national identity.

  • She was not only a judge but a wife, mother, prophet, military leader, and poet.
  • She heard clearly from God in regards to direction and action.
  • She boldly & bravely went to the battlefield when necessary and didn’t just sit safely from afar.

Her roles, relationship with God, and faithful obedience to His voice led her nation to victory and brought 40 years of blessing to her land.

Deborah praised God in song, remembering His works—a reminder to a nation that had forgotten what God had done before, and yet continued to receive chances for new beginnings.


on callings and doubts and a God who is faithful

God has called me to a ministry. Through a long season of singleness and many mistakes, He gave me a vision for a book and a passion for helping guide single women in faithful pursuit of His best design when it comes to dating, love, and relationships.

And yet I have doubted I could continue in it, doubted I could fulfill my calling, in motherhood and all its demands.

I have battled believing lies from the enemy. Like Israel, I have often forgotten what God has done:

  • brought me Clay after so many years of singleness (a miracle)
  • given us a home so quickly after first getting pregnant (a miracle)
  • delivered us our daughter after the miscarriage of that first pregnancy (a miracle)

Like Israel, God has continued to rescue me from lies and doubts, remind me of His truth, and offer me chances for new beginnings.

I am so encouraged by Deborah’s story. It fills me with hope and assurance for God’s calling to come to be, both in and through my life. It reminds me to praise Him for what He has done, to walk in step with His Spirit, and that He will carry me as I answer His calling in all my roles.


my encouragement to you: woman of many roles

What roles has God called you to? Have you had doubts about your abilities along the way?

Our world is in its own dark time, like Israel. Would we, like Deborah, rise up in our roles, fight faithfully, and lead our land to victory over the lies and destruction of the enemy. May we be partners with God in the pursuit of peace for His people. And would we never fail to proclaim praise to Him and for Him—for others to hear, and that it would point a hurting world to His glorious light.

I have been supported by women on this earth, including but not limited to my sweet friends who nominated me for this challenge. And I have been encouraged by women of the Bible, including but not limited to Deborah.

My challenge to all you ladies is that you would get to know these women, especially in this time of quarantine, that you may be encouraged, so that you can support and encourage others, including but not limited to women.

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