the marathon of motherhood

// and the six words we really need to hear //

My first article for Mom Mentor is up! It’s all about how God meets us in and carries us through our weakness, shortcomings, and doubts in what often feels like…

The Marathon of Motherhood

I pray it blesses you and encourages you on your journey.

I’ve included these photos as I talk about how, in a way, labor prepares us for motherhood by showing us we are even stronger than we think we are!

And yet it’s tough. And it’s not always pretty. Here I am with no makeup and broken blood vessels on my face, completely exhausted after an 18-hour unmedicated labor.

And yet there’s more joy in this moment than I’ve ever experienced. And a strength that filled me like never before.

And that’s because the Lord fuels us with sufficient strength for our journey. Always.

I hope you’ll check out the article—

The Marathon of Motherhood: 
and the Six Words We Really Need to Hear

Happy marathoning, mamas!

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