blank space.

Welcome to my blog 2.0.

Welcome to my fresh start, my new beginning, my new space. (It also just so happens to be a new season – it’s the first day of fall!)

I can’t wait to share all the new ideas I have with you – namely incorporating YouTube tutorials to supplement posts on everything from cooking to sealing furniture. (Let’s be honest, people would rather look at a photograph than read 140 characters these days. So I know you’d rather watch a video that read paragraphs!)


I’ve been thinking about new beginnings, fresh starts, blank spaces of sorts. Of course TSwift’s “Blank Space” echoes in my mind…

“I’ve got a blank space, baby, and I’ll write your name.”

No, I don’t want to wreck some guy’s life and make him go insane. I do want to “write Jesus’ name” here in all that I post, with all that I promote, and through all that I ponder.


I hope you resonate with what’s been filling up my heart. I hope you find encouragement through what’s been running through my mind. And most of all I hope you are directed to the One who will provide more ease, health, and sustenance than any tip, workout, or recipe ever could.

To the One true and lasting source of “a life that’s good.”

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