it’s a wonder

“With all of my heart, I’m racing, watch the pages…”

This weekend I got to see a side of my husband I never have before. Well, I got to meet a group of friends of his that I hadn’t before. Well, a few of them, that is.

Clay spent a year in Turkey after college doing ministry with CRU {Campus Crusade for Christ}. And one of his teammates got married yesterday.

There was something about getting to hang out with these friends, to hear stories I hadn’t yet heard, to learn things about this man that I love from a time in my life—and his—when I did not yet know him. When he did not yet know me.

It’s interesting we live these whole lives before we meet someone we choose to live the rest of them with. And there is such an appreciation and better understanding of our spouses that we gain when we get to continue to enter into their stories deeper and deeper as the years go by.

It was a joy to get to catch a glimpse of my husband’s life before me. It fills me all the more joy that I get to do life by his side now. I feel humbled he chose me. I’m filled with wonder that God brought us together through our own twisting and turning and winding roads.

It’s a wonder to me—the intricate stories God tells. It’s a wonder to me the great love stories He writes. This is just a glimpse of ours.

Are you single and waiting?
Are you dating and wondering if he is “the one”?
Are you married to the love of your life and continuing to learn their “backstory”?

Whatever stage of life you are in, have faith that God is writing The Great Story and your life and your love stories have been, are, and will be a part of it.

What a great wonder it is.

“…Cover to cover, I won’t ever love another, oh, let me be the one that you would rediscover over and over again ‘cause I don’t see an end to this stream of consciousness you are flowing down in.” – Jillian Edwards, Room

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