oh the places you’ll go… with lavender

Alright, I’m going to be honest here. I don’t really love the smell of lavender. I mean, I don’t hate it. But I won’t lie… I don’t love it. {There are so many other oils that just smell way better to me.}

So why is lavender still one of my absolute favorite essential oils?! Well, here are just a few reasons why:

  • it promotes relaxation
  • it has healing properties
  • it is so very versatile

I cannot possibly begin to think of every use for this amazing oil, but here is a list of seven of my faves:


my top 7 uses for lavender essential oil

1. Burns:
I seriously keep lavender in my purse at all times simply for this purpose. I like my coffee really hot, which often results in me accidentally burning my mouth! I simply place 1 drop on my tongue, swish for 30 seconds, then spit. {Your mouth will taste of lavender for a few minutes, but it’s better than 3 days of dealing with a burn!}

Upon burning your skin, place 1 drop lavender on your skin and lightly rub. You can also apply coconut oil first if you’d like and then add a drop of oil on top then rub gently.

2. Itches:
You can use lavender in rollerball concoctions to relieve itchy skin. You can simply mix with coconut oil in your hand and apply to skin. Or you can simply drop some oil directly onto your itchy spot, and feel relief almost instantly.

3. Baths:
Lavender oil is one of my favorites for the bath. I keep one right by my tub and add 7-12 drops into warm water {in addition to epsom salt, pink salt and baking soda for a great magnesium bath.} There’s something about lavender in bath water that makes it not as strong and I actually enjoy quite nicely.

4. Air freshener:
I have this cute little waterless diffuser that looks like a rose on the back of the toilet in my guest bathroom. I simply drop 4 drops of lavender oil on top before we have guests over or as needed and it keeps that bathroom smelling nice for hours. What I like about lavender specifically for this use is that it’s clear. Oils with color stain my cute diffuser! {You can also simply diffuse 1-3 drops in your diffuser.}

5. Infected ear piercings:
I have super sensitive skin, and if I wear earrings that aren’t real gold, they tend to get infected. When this happened recently, I simply placed one drop of lavender on my pointer finger and quickly rubbed my ear lobe on both sides. The next morning, I kid you not, it was completely healed.

6. Bug repellant:
I recently made a great concoction of oils to use as bug repellant on a recent trip to Texas. But before I got so crafty with my oils, I’d simply place a drop of lavender on my inner wrists, rub them together, and then rub my inner wrists on each leg. I’d repeat and then rub my arms and back of neck. Viola! Bugs be gone.

7. Zits:
When I get a zit, I use one drop of lavender as spot treatment. It especially helps to dry out those pesky undergrounders. Often times I’ll spot a zit appearing, place lavender on it that night, and by the morning the zit is either gone completely or on its way out! {Do your best to keep it right on that zit as it may dry out surrounding skin, depending on your complexion.}

There are seriously so many other uses for this oil. Just Google it!

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*Always make sure you are using 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. Young Living oils have a unique seed to seal process you can read about here.

For more info on essential oils and why I use them, click here here!

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