if I could go back…

Just laying here enjoying the Texas heat. There’s a cool breeze, and I am all nostalgic with all the feels.

This morning Clay and I walked around west campus a bit, and I got to thinking about the time I spent here over ten years ago.

Over coffee I shared with him my wish that I could relive those college days all over again, this time with more confidence in regard to friends and guys. “If I could go back,” I began…

But almost as quickly as those words left my mouth, I realized that the journey that has gotten me to where I am today is what has given me the very confidence of which I speak. So really, there would be no way to do it all over again the way that I sometimes wish I had, because I was not equipped with all that I am today.

And I realized I wouldn’t change who I am today for anything.

The journey we take in life, the mistakes we make, the regrets we have, the laughter, the tears, the joyful memories and the difficult ones, they all come together in forming us into the person we are on this very day.

Each experience creates for us tools to use on our present and future journey. Thank God for His grace, forgiveness, and utterly creative story-writing. He’s never left me stranded or broken beyond repair; He has consistently picked up the pieces and placed them back together to form a masterpiece-in-the-making and a true redemption story.

Thank Him, indeed.

I feel Him in this breeze.
I hear Him in these birds.
I see him in this picture perfect sky.
And I know Him in this softly beating heart.

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