American Blogger: The First Journey

American Blogger is now available for purchase at www.americanblogger.comYou will get the full length documentary along with four other short films that Chris has made.

I watched the film last night, and it is beautifully made. I am inspired by so many of the women’s stories, full of heartache and loss, laughter and joy. It is so neat to see how these women have used blogging to express themselves and find community throughout difficult times such as miscarriage and cancer, as well as just to have a creative outlet for the things in life about which they are passionate!

Unfortunately the release of the trailer also came with the release of some criticism, so Chris has included a “disclaimer” which you can read below. Ultimately, Chris is a dedicated, passionate, creative and talented filmmaker, and I hope the world will see that his heart was always in the right place. I believe many people merely misunderstood his goals and his plan for this film.

I hope you will read his words below, and I hope you will enjoy the film!


“When I released the trailer for my film, American Blogger, it was brought to my attention that it sends a message that the bloggers in this film represent all of America. This isn’t, and was not, my intent. The women in this film are a very small piece of the story I wanted to tell: one that explores how blogging can not only leave a legacy for family memories, but an imprint on the world at large.

The way in which these women tell their stories with authenticity does represent the bravery and passion of American Bloggers, but please know: not all categories of American Bloggers are represented in this film. There are still many more stories to be told.

The goal of this film was to create a love story to the blogging community. I wanted to show how these women use their voice, share their stories and connect with one another. I wanted to create a moving visual for so many of the women that have built communities around their blogs…. equal parts “reality footage” and interviews. Even within this one film there are 51 women portrayed, and unfortunately, I didn’t have time to tell each of their stories. It is my hope that by introducing them to you, you will take the time to read their stories and see who they are and what they have been through. Look at this film as an introduction; as the first piece to a larger puzzle.

This film is not meant to validate blogging as a career, or to paint a wide brush over a vast community. It is not a journalistic expose. It is simply one man’s exploration of an inspired art: the freedom to tell your story.”

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