does your “clean” diet cause cancer?

This is a question everyone should ask… I didn’t know I even needed to ask it until my sister sent me this article entitled: Watch out for this carcinogen in your organic food.”

For me, particularly, it’s the coconut milk and coconut water that really got me. I put these in my smoothies every morning and will sometimes sip on both later in the day as well. That adds up.

This past year I started seeing a holistic doctor – truly one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only has he nearly cured me from a decade of back pain, he has helped with some serious digestive issues I was having.

I have “cleaned up” my diet tremendously – ridding myself of all gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and grains (except for brown rice), and limiting my intake of certain seeds and nuts. I eat plenty of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and lean protein. One would think I had an extremely healthy diet that would provide my body with the healing capabilities it needs.

One would think.

Well, like I mentioned, all those carrageenans are sure to add up. And while they may not be giving you cancer (yet), it’s highly likely they are harming your digestive system – and therefore entire body – and causing any unexplainable digestive problems you may have. Especially if you are ingesting a lot of a certain item every day (in my case, coconut water and coconut milk).

When I first “cleaned up” my diet, I saw some positive changes, yet I have recently had some returning issues. Which is so frustrating. Here I am thinking, “Literally, there is nothing left for me to cut out.”

Oh, but there is.

It’s a little known cancer-causing agent called carageenan hiding in my so called “clean” diet.

I was so enraged by this article that I had this fantasy vision of making neon signs that read “causes cancer” and taking them to the grocery store and placing them in front of these items. I literally feel as if I have been tricked, duped, made a fool. I feel ignorant, regretful, ill.

I am not trying to be a drama queen. I am an actress, I know, and I love me some drama. But seriously, I feel so passionately about getting this message out there.

We only get one body. 

Here I was thinking that I was putting all good things into my body, trying desperately to heal my digestive system, and lo and behold it turns out I was adding to the issue, possibly even creating more harm than good by switching to “healthier” options.

Here is a complete list of organic foods with and without carrageenans.

I believe that I deserve to know what I am putting in my body. I deserve to know why I have unexplainable digestive problems. And I truly believe this could be the root of my recent stomach issues.

I believe you, too, deserve to know what you are putting in your body. And I hope you will share this information to help spread awareness and start a reformation in our food industry.

I hope I live to see a day where we are no longer “duped” by corporations and unknowingly poisoned with cancer-causing substances.

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