apricots with coconut butter and cinnamon

So, it’s Monday. I don’t know about you, but on a Monday – and a Monday after a holiday weekend no less – sometimes I need a little something sweet to brighten my day…  or bright to sweeten my day. See what I did there?

There’s nothing better than fresh fruit from the farmer’s market in the summer. Okay, so I didn’t actually make it to the farmer’s market. I got these apricots at Trader Joe’s. Sue me. But hey – they are organic.

Anyway, I just randomly concocted this sweet, simple, summer snack and wanted to share! So without further ado…

apricots with coconut butter and cinnamon.

– apricots

– ground cinnamon


wash and dry apricots.

slice apricots in half.

remove the pits/seeds.

fill centers with artisana coconut butter. (please do not ruin this concoction and use any other coconut butter. once you taste this little dollop of heaven, you’ll know why.)

sprinkle with cinnamon.
and voila!

a sweet, simple, savory, summer snack.


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