turkey “tacos”

It’s Sunday afternoon. You just got home from church and you’re starving. You carbed it up last night with friends, and you want something quick and healthy. And did I mention quick? Like, in my mouth right now?

Enter turkey “tacos.” They’re quick to make. They’re healthy to eat. And who says you need a tortilla to make a taco anyway?


turkey “tacos”

Step 1: start with two slices of organic, hormone-free, nitrite-free turkey.

Step 2: spread on some guac or avocado. {We buy organic individual sized guacamole from Costco, which are super convenient for something like this!}

Step 3: sprinkle on something organic black beans, rinsed from a non-BPA can.

Step 4: sprinkle on some nutritional yeast with folate not folic acid {folic acid is the man made version of folate + is more difficult for our bodies to digest. I subscribe to this one through Amazon Prime!}

note: If beans aren’t your thing, you can throw on some leftover roasted veggies of your choice. I tried roasted butternut squash earlier this week + it was delish!}

Step 5: garnish with cilantro. Or if you are like my hubby and hate it, skip it or sub it with your favorite fresh or dried organic herb!

Now, pick it up like a taco and enjoy!

Happy Sunday, friends! May your body and your soul alike be filled with goodness today.

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