pine cone ornaments

Last year my mom told me how she made her own pine cone ornaments at our lakehouse in Texas and suggested I do the same. I was all, “Where am I going to find pine cones lying around LA?” 
Well, turns out there are pine cones lying around LA… about two blocks from where I live to be exact. Tons of them. An entire street lined with perfect pine cones that have freshly fallen from the trees above.
So this year, I made…
pine cone ornaments
The best part about them? They are virtually free! (If you don’t have pine trees closeby, of course you could always purchase some… but take a walk around your neighborhood before you jump to any rash conclusions about a lack of pine trees… just sayin’…)
All you need:
– pine cones
– red ribbon
– scissors
All you do:
take a pine cone
string ribbon under first layer of… what are those called? Just looked it up; they’re called “scales.”
cross the ribbon
and bring it back around the first layer of scales, but only halfway this time
tie into a bow (it helps to tie a knot first)
And voila! A hint of country in your Christmas. You can take the girl out of Texas…

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