Christmas must be something more

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“We get so caught up in all of it, business and relationships, hundred mile an hour lives…” – Taylor Swift, Christmas Must Be Something More

It’s officially December, which means it’s officially Chistmas time. I hopped in my car last night to drive to church and turned on my Christmas playlist. The peace and joy that washes over me with the beginning of this new season… The excitement and anticipation that await…

Last weekend over Thanksgiving there was this moment that filled me with such immense joy. My heart nearly burst. Clay had helped my dad carry down our tree from the attic. They stacked one piece on top of the other, building that tree. They carried down the big boxes or ornaments, silver balls that used to be on my dad’s tree growing up.

We were watching my nephews since my sister and brother-in-law had run out to do some shopping. So, we convinced Zach and Mark to leave their video games and come help us decorate the tree. It was such a sweet time – the Oakridge Boys Christmas album playing (a family tradition of ours each year), Clay lifting sweet Mark high above his head to hang ornaments, great time spent with family who I don’t get to see that often – that I wished somehow I could slow down the time.

I wished I could slow down the time.

The day after Thanksgiving each year somehow seems like this sprint that doesn’t end until Christmas is over.

How sad.

I don’t want to miss feeling the Christmas spirit. I don’t want to frantically run right past the great joy of this season. I don’t want to take for granted the true wonder of what Christmas is really all about.

As Taylor Swift continues to sing in her song, “It’s something we try to ignore and put a wreath up on our door” but “Christmas must be something more.”

It must be. And it is.

Last night at church, Clay preached a sermon on slowing down to really take in this season, this Christmas, and the great wonder that lies in receiving the gift of this tiny baby that came to give us the gift of eternal life. It’s something I’ll need reminding of daily this season, I know. But it’s something I want to strive to do, something I encourage us all to do. After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Let’s embrace each moment. Let’s stop in the midst of the race. Let’s slow down our sprint. And let’s welcome our Savior with peaceful and open hearts.

“Here’s to Jesus Christ who saved our lives.” – Taylor Swift, Christmas Must Be Something More

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