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Guys! I came home from five days in Texas with my fiancé to visit my family for Thanksgiving, and I came back to this! Mold! From a baby pumpkin!


Not to mention, we just sealed this table (tutorial coming soon!) I was worried about a permanent mark being left after attempting to remove the mold with various solutions. I was wondering how to get mold off wood without removing the finish… And then I remembered my all-purpose cleaner from Branch Basics.

You guys, this soap is amazing. I literally use it for everything – washing my hands, cleaning makeup off my vanity, cleaning my makeup brushes… You can even use it as body soap, shampoo, and detergent… and for so much more. It’s all natural and food grade!

I figured it would help remove this mold without removing the finish from my wood table, so I:

  1. grabbed a toothbrush, some rubber gloves, a wet and dry paper towel, and my Branch Basics foaming soap (I normally use this for washing my hands)
  2. opened the windows (for precaution with the mold. I mean, it wasn’t that much, but still… it never hurts to be safe.)
  3. put a few drops of Young Living Purification oil in my diffuser to help cleanse the air as well
  4. put on the gloves, pumped some soap onto the mold, scrubbed it lightly with a toothbrush, wiped it with the wet cloth then the dry one, and voila! No more mold.

About one minute later you could hardly tell anything was ever there at all, and the table hadn’t even dried yet! Amazing.

Love this soap. Love my wood table. Love when I can fix things myself! And without using harmful products.

Happy cleaning!

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