everyone soap + lotion


I’m pretty much addicted to body lotion. And I love a good, fresh, citrusy body wash. But I hate that in most product lines for both there are tons of “hidden” chemicals, toxins, and just stuff we shouldn’t be putting on the largest organ of our bodies: our skin.

I recently discovered this line of products by Everyone. Their soap is amazing – use a few pumps on a wash cloth for a great lather. And their lotion goes on so smooth, not sticky, and leave your skin feeling hydrated, fresh, and ready to take on the day!

I like to order via AmazonPrime the lotion {at 2 for $20} and the soap {at 2 for $14}! These bottles will last you a while. Great price. Great product. One {well, two} you can feel good about both buying and using.

Choose natural. Choose oils. Choose Everyone.

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