acquarella: non-toxic nail polish

Happy wellness Wednesday, friends!

With summer fast approaching, us ladies are likely freshening up our long-hidden toes and sprucing up those manis for all those summer weddings–am I right or am I right?!

Okay, we all love a good mani/pedi. I’ll be honest, I love that salon experience–relaxing while someone else does the “dirty work.” And well, as nice as that is… it’s not so nice the products they are likely using on your hands and feet.

Did you know chemicals from nail polish can leach into your body, disrupt your hormones, and even seep into your breast milk if you are a nursing mom?!

No, thanks! As I like to say, “Not today, Satan!”

Read this article for more horrifying facts.

Ladies, it’s time to take back our health! We don’t have control over much of what goes on in life and the ways in which this world–especially America–has become wrought with chemicals, toxins and pollutants. But we can control so much–and so much more than most of us do!

Over the last couple of years, I have slowly but surely switched all my previously chemical-infused household and body care products with natural, non-toxic ones. And surprise, surprise–my nail polish has been the last thing I’ve swapped–namely because it’s so difficult to find a non-toxic nail polish that actually works.

But this one does.

And there are others. {I’ve got one more brand en route from Amazon as we speak to test out!}

But for now, I present to you Aquarella.

These are the three colors I have tried…

From top to bottom:

  • Conditioner: this is like a base coat that preps your nails for the polish.
  • Vapour: I thought this was light grey. Turns out it’s more of a light blue. Still pretty–just a heads up: not so much grey.
  • Cupid: Nice opaque red with the slightest hint of coral.
  • Bliss: A slightly more sheer color {must say I wish it was more opaque, but still nice for an everyday mani {and let’s be honest–the more natural the polish, the less you notice chips!}
  • And of course, on the left, their Remover: works great!

I wish Aquarella made a top coat. Honest moment: I’ve been using a traditional top coat on my nails with this product. For my toes? Don’t need a top coat. They don’t really ever chip. But my nails chip more easily, and I find that a topcoat keeps the polish in place a couple days longer.

As I mentioned, I’ve got another product coming from Amazon called “Sophi” and they do have a top coat. I’ll let ya know how that one works!

I will say Acquarella stays on surprisingly well–especially for being completely chemical-free. It’s no wonder Wellness Mama rated it her top choice for nail polish here.

In the meantime, happy Wellness Wednesday, and what better day than today to start taking baby steps in advocating for your health!

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