12 things I learned in Europe

On a recent trip to Paris and Italy, I learned a thing or two I never knew about Europe.

I’d never been before this trip with my hubby to Paris, Florence, Positano/the Amalfi coast, and Rome. There were a few things that stood out to me as different than America / things I never knew!

I started keeping a list on my phone while we were there. These are more things to do with their culture/the way they do things than enlightening historical facts, so just be prepared—it ain’t deep! 

12 things I learned in Europe:

  1. France has a lot of pink toilet paper! My seven-year-old self would be in heaven.
  1. A green pharmacy cross doesn’t mean marijuana. It’s simply their sign for a pharmacy!
  1. There’s not always a toilet seat! This is a luxury not the norm!! {At least when it comes to public bathrooms.}
  1. Dorothy, were not in Starbucks anymore. Italian coffee… it’s tiny, it’s espresso, it’s well, not “American coffee”—even if you order an Americano!
  1. Wear sleeves + knee-covering pants or skirt to churches. There is a dress code + it is enforced!
  1. You might have to pay to pee! Some of the public restrooms require you pay to enter. Literally never seen that in America. Ever! {Hint: keep some change in your pocket at all times!}
  1. You can drink for cheap here! House wine! So good! About the same price as bottled water in America ;)
  1. Everything is smaller. From coffees to cup holders. No wonder America has a weight problem…
  1. People smoke here. Everywhere. Around children. In crowded lines for buses. Don’t matter to them! {Hint: bring Zyrtec if you have allergies! I took one almost every day!}
  1. They eat a lot of pork, or “wild boar” as our cooking class tour guide called it in Florence. {In my opinion that’s just a euphemism for “pig”!}
  1. It’s pronounced “gratzi-A.” {That is, the Italian word for “thank you.”} Americans have widely butchered this word, simply pronouncing it as it’s spelled—gratzi!
  1. One word: aperitif! My fave + best discovery—the Italian happy hour. Order a drink for less money AND it comes with quite a nice spread of appetizers for free! {We Americans could catch on to this!}

Happy traveling, friends!

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