Alberti Day

Today, June 2, is national Alberti Day. It’s a celebratory commemoration of my ancestor, Pietro Cesare Alberti — the very first Italian to come to the “New World” in 1635!

When I graduated college, we took a trip to NYC. We walked through Battery Park for two hours before being told that the statue dedicated to Alberti was in storage as they were rearranging the park + its statues.

While I haven’t yet gotten to stand before that statue, I did get to take a recent trip to Italy.

It felt like a pilgrimage in a way. Though I didn’t make it to Venice which was his hometown. {Next time!} But still, just being in in that country felt like a returning to my roots, a visitation to my heritage…

I took this photo outside a gelateria in Torino, the first time I stepped foot into the ground of Italy after traveling through the countryside from Paris.

While Paris was unique in its own way, there was something about finally landing in Italy… something that felt well with my soul about it all.⠀⠀

Clay and I had an unexpected layover en route to Florence where we enjoyed handmade pizzas at a sidewalk cafe and then strolled down the street for my first Italian gelato.

It was crowded and buzzing with locals. I slightly nervously ordered, making my best effort to pronounce the flavors in Italian. And once I tasted this glorious creation — which honestly ended up being the best gelato I may have had in all of Italy — well, let’s just say it felt like I was home.

I think there’s a reason I love Italian food + treats so much. I think it’s been in my blood since before I ever learned about my family history.

In many ways this first Italian gelato holds a special place in my heart. Might sound cheesy or over the top, but it’s true — for more reasons than even those listed here.

What’s your heritage? What’s your history?

I’ve always loved the idea of looking back — not only to our own lives + history but to the lives + history to those who came before us.

Cheers to you, whoever you are, and whatever your heritage may be would you celebrate it, them, and all that came before you to lead you to where you are today, on this day, which just so happens to be Alberti Day!

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