“house on fire, leave it all behind you.”

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“House on fire, leave it all behind you.” – Jose Gonzalez

Those lyrics came to mind when Clay texted me these pics we snapped tonight. 

I finally took a step outside the house after being cooped up all day. I won’t lie, I haven’t had the best attitude in these days following surgery. I’ve had my moments of discouragement, frustration, and just sheer unpleasantness. Let’s just say I haven’t been the best version of myself. And I feel quite hypocritical considering I just wrote a post called “choosing joy!” 

But just as I wrote in that post, I am convicted more than ever that joy is not something that is achieved when all is right in the world. It’s not something you will receive when something else comes along – healing, a relationship, a promotion, a child. Rather, joy is something that we can choose to have. Right. Now.

I am encouraged by this sunset – this representation of hope and beauty and God’s grandeur – to remember to always step outside and leave it all behind – all that stuff I don’t want, that is. I hope you, too, will be encouraged to gather up all that joy that’s awaiting when you step outside yourself and see things from a broader perspective, and that you can get on with your life, living it up with all that joy that you choose to have. Starting… Now!

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