sweet potato “chips”


sweet potato “chips”

My husband and I love Trader Joe’s sweet potato chips. We’ve actually been known to buy 7 bags at a time (shameless.) And while these sweet potato chips aren’t actual chips per se, they are absolutely delicious and much much healthier! Oh, and super quick and easy to make.

These sweet potato chips are the perfect side dish to any meal or snack all by themselves. Here’s how to make them!


• one large sweet potato (serves 2)

• olive oil (we use a misto instead of traditional pan sprays which are full of chemicals and soy)

• salt

• garlic powder


• preheat oven to 400 degrees

• rinse and dry sweet potato (I scrub with a paper towel)

• slice sweet potato into thin slices

• spray baking sheet with olive oil (we got some brand new awesome extra large baking sheets for our wedding that I want to keep sparkling clean, so I’ve been using foil when roasting veggies… makes for super quick clean-up!)

• place sweet potato slices on baking sheet

• mist with olive oil

• sprinkle with salt and garlic powder

• bake for 15-20 minutes (depending on how crispy you like them)

• serve and enjoy!

Clay and I just got back from a mission trip to South Africa where we cooked meals as a group. I realized more than ever that cooking healthy meals – even for large groups – is totally doable! It’s really not much more difficult to cook healthy meals than unhealthy ones (a la casseroles, etc.) and everyone really enjoyed the dishes.

I encourage you to explore new healthy recipes for your household that are quick and easy (like this one!) I hope you enjoy these sweet potato chips as much as we do in our home.

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