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Okay guys, sweaty saturday comin’ at ya.

I thought this day would NEVER come. and I mean NE-VER. Like never in a million years ever… But the day has come.

It’s the day my husband finally tried natural deodorant — and the day he actually said it WORKED!

Guys, I’ve been trying to get him to switch over to natural products as or been doing the same, and it has not been easy to do/to find good replacement products.

Personally I have tried quite a few natural deodorants over the last two years until finally settling on this brand, Sam’s Natural. And I actually discovered it while trying to find a MEN’S deodorant for Clay. But the women’s version is phenomenal!

• • •

I was disappointed to find that the “natural” deodorants I had tried – some of which I really liked – were actually not so natural at all. They STILL had “parfum/fragrance” {aka poison} and “natural flavors” {um, not natural at all}.

And so I was THRILLED to find that not only does this brand not have anything unnatural, it actually has some amazing powers to keep us smellin’ amazin’! ***Even through sweaty workouts! {And y’all let me just tell you – I married a SWEATY man!!}

• • •

Added bonus? It didn’t even take Clay any time to adjust from using the chemical-infused deodorant {His literally had “Blue 1” as an ingredient! Shame on you, Old Spice} when it had originally taken me like two weeks to adjust when I had first switched over to the natural stuff. This product is JUST. THAT. GOOD!

And PS – this is not a “plug” or ad or anything. I simply wanted to share ’cause it is SO important what we put ON our bodies. Cause what we put ON our bodies goes INTO our bodies and can cause either damage or healing. The choice is ours. What will you choose?

I say, give the one a try!

• • •

Link to product here for Amazon Prime and here for Sam’s Natural website. {There are plenty of different scented versions for men; only one for women. I just went ahead and got the same scent for Clay as they offer for myself, and we love them both. It’s like a light citrusy fresh smell!}

xoxo and happy sweaty Saturday!

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