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// a little bit about me //

He’s not only my husband, he’s tangible evidence of God’s grace and goodness in my life.

I never thought I’d meet someone like him—handsome and godly. I thought I’d eventually have to compromise on choosing someone to whom I was attracted or someone who loved the Lord. Turns out after a long road of singleness, pain and heartache, God had someone who was not only both of these things but so much more.

I’m Meredith — for those of you who don’t know me personally. This is Clay — as he prefers to be: in a superhero T-shirt. After two years of marriage I can confidently say that he is my superhero, for he has walked alongside me in a long road of chronic pain, and unfortunately some depression that comes with it.

Over time I have come to learn that my physical pain has emotional roots, and that our lives are so holistically intertwined—the spiritual, mental and physical parts of our selves can not be separated from the other.

I also have learned that my lifelong dream of getting married did not solve all my problems but that it is merely a storyline in the greater story of my life — that it is its own storyline within God’s greater Story.

However you found your way here, I’m happy you are and hope you find all the aspects of faith, health and godly relationships on which I write to be of encouragement to you on your own journey and in your own story.

My story may be different from yours, but our stories are more similar than we may realize at first glance. For we are all living, breathing redemption stories made possible by and a reflection of the greatest Redemption Story ever told.

. . .⠀⠀

His shirt: Target
My tank + sweater: Madewell
My hat: Nordstrom

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