navigator’s council: a marriage journal

I wanted to share this gift I bought for me and Clay that has truly blessed our marriage. It is a tool we have been using for about six weeks now, and I must say we are hooked.

I stumbled across this devo/journal for married couples on an Instagram story from Mandy Castro {thanks for sharing!} I was intrigued to find out more about this so called “marriage journal.”

I looked it up and discovered that this “Navigator’s Council” is a weekly marriage journal that allows a couple to answer six questions each week. How could the same six questions be beneficial to answer over and over again? I wondered. But it sounded interesting, and I’m always looking for ways to be more intentional in our marriage and in my life, so I decided to order it and give it a shot!

Clay and I had decided not to give each other gifts for our anniversary this year, so I was waiting for a time when I could give it to him. Not weeks later, he told me that he was really wanting to be more intentional in our marriage and I told him I had something that just might help us do so!

I ran upstairs to get the journal, we read the intro together, set up a time each week we could go through it, and the following Monday over dinner we began.

It’s amazing how a short devo, going through your calendar for the week, and then asking each other six questions can really help you to connect, to explore each other’s hearts on a deeper level, and strengthen your marriage so quickly.

I have found that while we answer the same six questions each week, each week brings new circumstances that really makes for unique and different conversations. I feel like I am getting to know my husband better, understanding all he’s experiencing even more, and I feel better understood and supported even more than ever.

I am so grateful for this simple yet powerful tool. It’s something Clay and I both look forward to each week. And I can only imagine that it’s creating for us a more solid foundation in this third year of marriage for all that lies ahead on our journey.

To order your Navigator’s Council, click here!

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