grain free crispy breakfast quesadilla

crispy breakfast quesadilla

Oh, hi there. Happy Wednesday, indeed! Cause I got a nice little crunchy, healthy breakfast quesadilla in my hand that’s about to get in my belly.

Wednesdays are my long writing days at home which means I need some serious fuel for energy and focus,┬áBUT I don’t want to spend forever in the kitchen while the creative juices are-a-flowin’!

Enter one of my two breakfast go-tos {the other being a smoothie}.

Here is one version of a breakfast burrito I tried out this morning that did not disappoint!

. . . . . . .

grain free crispy breakfast quesadilla!

what you’ll need:

  • Siete Foods almond flour tortillas {or their chia or coconut flavor works, too}
  • avocado or guac
  • eggs
  • nutritional yeast {I use this brand. Amazon subscribe + save? Yes, please!}
  • salt + pepper
  • coconut oil


siete tortilla

tortilla + guac

tortilla, guac, egg

tortilla, guac, egg, nutritional yeast

how to make it:

  1. place tortilla on pan on medium heat
  2. in separate pan, cook egg{s}–FYI I totally made two of these things morning, which is why my egg looks like a half moon–on medium-low heat to your liking, using a little coconut oil to prevent sticking; sprinkle with salt + pepper
  3. place crispy tortilla on plate
  4. spread avocado or guac
  5. place egg on top
  6. sprinkle with nutritional yeast {so many great vitamins and has a cheese-like taste! yum!}
  7. fold + devour!

crispy breakfast quesadilla

This is a grain free, gluten free breakfast that is sure to fuel you and fill you so that you can go out into the world and be your best self with all the bright shining light that is you!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow–including but not limited to delicious food that helps us and does not harm us… food that gives us hope and a future. {Did I take it too far?!}

In all seriousness, what a great and creative God who gave us so many tools for health from this very earth He created. We, mankind, as a result of the Fall, have taken what God made for health and wellness and have altered it with all sorts of chemical junk. As a result, we have exchanged the truth for a lie–like Adam and Eve did when they ate that forbidden fruit! We now believe that foods have to be processed and pumped with additives to taste good. Lies!

God has given us such delicious foods for fuel. I am grateful for companies like Siete that take healthy ingredients and provide us with healthier alternatives!

Now, get out there and slay this Wednesday, spreading your marvelous light.

Be happy, be healthy, and be fueled with the best of foods.

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