on diving into trials with others

My sister slipped and fell into rushing waters. Panicked, her eyes met mine and in a split second I knew jumping in after her could be the end. And yet I knew I had no choice.

Risking it all I swam after her, grabbed her firmly by her forearm and said, “We are stronger than this!” As I turned to face the rapids before us, I yelled “Now, COME ON!” And we swam like our lives depended on it. Because they did.

When we finally made it to dry ground, I woke up. And I realized that this is exactly what the gospel calls us to — to enter into the struggle, the trials, and the deep waters of heartache and grief in the lives of others.

It would have been much easier for me to encourage my sister from dry ground, “Come on, you can do it!” But the look in her eyes told me she needed more. She needed me by her side to believe she could do it.

How many times have I need my husband and friends and family members to not simply cheer me on from the sidelines of the dark waters of my life, but rather to jump in, meet me where I’m at and say “WE can do this. Together.”

I fail to do this with those I love so much. I grieve that I have not always done this well for those who love me well. And yet as Micah Tyler sings, “I’m reminded Your grace never asked for perfection.” And so I sit in grace as I evaluate my willingness to answer this call to get messy, to dive into the deep waters with others, and I pray for God to strengthen me to do so.

And that’s when I’m reminded of Romans 8:11 that tells us that the same spirit that raised Jesus Christ from dead is living inside of us. Remembering that verse reminds me that I can enter into the scary, difficult and messy places of the lives of others. It reminds me that no matter what we face, we are stronger than it because of the One who is in us. And it reminds me that this is true only because Jesus gave his life for us on the cross that day.

My heart is humbled by the price He paid, and I am encouraged to courageously enter into the deep and rushing waters of the lives of others that I may live out the call on my life to live like He did.

. . .⠀⠀

I wrote this post months ago, shortly after my miscarriage. I’m not quite sure why I never posted it, but I believe God truly works all things together in his timing.

This past week I was sent a podcast by a friend on dreams. I’ve always dreamt vividly and remembered many of my dreams. Some of my dreams have been lovely; some have haunted me. And well, when I listened to this podcast I felt God opening up a whole new door in my life–a whole new theme in my story.

I won’t go into too much detail about it all (at least not yet), but I will share it with you here that you, too, may hear from God what He has to say to you on the topic.

And I will say that I do believe, with great certainty, that God gave me this dream as none other than what she calls in the podcast–a night parable.

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