when walking looks like waiting

“I will strengthen them in the Lord, and in his name they will walk,” declares the Lord. – Zechariah 10:12

I continue to read in the Old Testament about God bringing back His people–about them returning to Him.

Return: my word for the year.

I read about settling and building, and I think of our new home where God has brought us for this season–this new season in which we prepare to welcome our daughter.

I ponder and ask God, “Lord, how is it that you want me to return to you–to your heart?”

In recent weeks I’ve had to lay down my book-writing–my “doing,” my producing–in preparation for our baby girl being born. And when it’s stripped away I think about who I am more than what I’m doing… and I think that’s where I begin to see God’s heart a bit clearer.

Life feels a bit slower, a bit more simple. In the quiet of the morning I feel a strange sense of peace wash over me–strange because so often I’ve found peace in “proving myself” through production. And yet now I feel a peace in the calm, in the rest, in the simple gifts God’s given.

I want nothing more than for the above verse to be true of my life–to be strengthened in the Lord as I walk in His name. And right now “walking” just so happens to look like resting, nesting, and waiting.

Oh, I can’t wait to see the wonders that will come so soon. But for now I find strength in the stillness as I walk with the Lord through this season of simplicity and of discovering and re-discovering what it means to return to Him.

photo: Apple Rose Photography

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