the gift of motherhood

No one told me how amazing motherhood is. Okay I’m sure they did, or at least tried. But it’s joy is something I could never fathom until I got here… until she got here.⠀

I’ve never known a love like this. My whole being longs to be near to her, to hold her, to snuggle her. I could seriously just sit and stare at her for hours.⠀

I’ll admit I had some reservations about having kids. I worried I wouldn’t be able to do certain creative or career things with them. And yet God spoke against that lie. And now that she’s here—now that I’m a mom—I can’t think of anything better that I’ve experienced or will experience, other than falling in love with her daddy and getting to marry him.⠀

Sure having a child will take up a lot of my time. But as I step into this role of “mom” I find I really love my new “job.” And I know the other stuff will happen in time. And well, these words will never fully express the joy and wonder and magic of motherhood. God really created something beautiful here that I am so deeply grateful He has so lovingly allowed me to experience.⠀

Here’s to a lifetime of being your mom, Noelle. What an overwhelming gift that is.

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