our first week home with Noelle

One week home with baby Noelle. She has filled our hearts with more love than we’ve known and our home with more baby gear than ever!⠀

So much has happened in a week. So many firsts:⠀

*first manicure

*first time in the sunshine⠀

*first car ride⠀

*first smile + dimple sighting ⠀

*first visit to the pediatrician (she is one healthy babe!)

*first stroller ride (inside the house!)⠀

*first 3 hour stretch of sleep⠀

*first blowout⠀

*first bath⠀

There are probably a million more I’m not thinking of. These days I definitely have a little bit of “mom brain.” But one thing I know for sure:⠀

Motherhood is the greatest gift and absolute best thing I have ever done. Quite honestly I can’t believe I waited this long! It’s better than I dreamt it would be. In fact, it’s more wonderful than I would even know to dream.⠀

Is it tiring? Yes.⠀

Is is hard? Sometimes!⠀

But it’s simply the best.⠀

Noelle, you are an even greater gift than I ever imagined. Thank you for being such a sweet angel baby. I love you more than words could ever do justice.

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