you are not a victim of your love story

You are not a victim of your love story.


There is a misconception called “falling in love.”⠀

We don’t simply “fall in love”; we *choose* love. Because we choose who we enter into a relationship with.⠀


I share this because I made this mistake. I believed this misconception. And when it all came crashing down, I had to pick up the very real pieces of my shattered heart, broken dreams and deep regrets.⠀


Thankfully God’s grace covers all—all our mistakes, all our regrets, all the ways in which we veered from His path of protection, righteousness, and life — and love! — to the full.⠀


If you are in a relationship and feeling like things aren’t right, that this man is not God’s absolute best for you, I encourage you to seek discernment through prayer, Scripture, and wise counsel.⠀

When we welcome others into our story, to help guide and direct us to God’s true heart, ours eyes are often opened where they have once been veiled by the scales of infatuation.⠀


God longs for you to live a love story that doesn’t end in tragedy—one that reflects the very greater Love Story that He is telling!⠀

So let’s choose love. Let’s choose wisely. Let’s choose to be the hero of our story—the one who rises up, who takes action, who seeks redemption.⠀


You are not a victim of your love story. As Amy says in Little Women, “Well I believe we have some power over who we love. It’s not something that just happens to us.”

I’m so thankful for this man I chose, who chooses me. Every day.⠀

God is good and kind to those who wait, who fail, who fall. To those who turn to Him, who return to His truth, and who won’t settle for anything less than His best and His design.⠀

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