5 practices to help your marriage thrive

Divorce is not even a word in Clay’s and my marriage vocabulary. And yet I don’t just want a marriage that survives; I want a marriage that thrives.

I have a lot of growth to achieve when it comes to loving Clay well and doing my part to create and sustain a thriving marriage, but we have created some practices that I believe are helping us get closer to one!⠀⠀

So today I thought I’d share with you:

5 practices to help your marriage thrive

1. Praying together every night.
It grows us closer to Christ and closer to each other. We have seen prayers we have prayed for YEARS answered. There is nothing like doing battle alongside your partner in the Kingdom in this way!

2. Weekly check-ins with The Marriage Journal.
Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s The Marriage Journal—formerly known as “Navigator’s Council”—is one of my favorite hours spent each week with my husband. It helps us understand each other’s hearts and gets us centered and prepped for the week ahead.

3. Balancing life.
Striking that balance between social and familial engagements with adequate time at home as a family. This one has been tough (not since the pandemic, however!) It’s something that took us a while to figure out, and it’s something that constantly evolves according to our life stage.

4. Reading Sacred Marriage.
Year #1 of our marriage we went through the book Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas with a group of fellow newlyweds. That community and that book were such a great way to help build the foundation of our marriage. It’s a book I will continue to refer back to for years to come to keep my perspective in check and to help me be an intentional, servant-hearted wife.

5. Valuing each other’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.
i.e. workouts, meditations, communication. Especially with a new baby, Clay and I have had to figure out a schedule that works so both of us can get in some workouts and have some “sanity” time each week. Figure out what you need, speak your truth in love, and work together as a team to make it happen!

I pray these practices bless you!

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