to the mom who’s miscarried

It was that movie moment—the moment we were going to see our baby for the first time. Clay held my hand as we stared expectantly at the sonogram screen.

It had been a whirlwind since we found out we were pregnant. We had celebrated with family and friends. We had begun planning for and dreaming about this baby. We had even found a house to move into.

And then the unexpected happened. The doctor told us she wasn’t seeing what she should be seeing and that I would likely miscarry this pregnancy. She left to give us a moment.

The wailing that came up from my soul could be heard from the waiting room.

It was a traumatic three days, filled with details I don’t have room for here. But at the end of it, I did miscarry—twins, in fact.

Miscarriage is a difficult and messy valley. When I experienced it, I didn’t know many people who had talked about it. By opening up here, I hope that you, mama who’s miscarried, will find comfort in the pit as you navigate your grief.

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