stronger than you think you are

Less than 3%.
That’s how many women can get through childbirth without an epidural. (Or at least that’s what the nurse told me.) She said, “You just did what less than 3% of women can do.”⠀⠀

I did that!

Now, I don’t share this to brag; I share this to encourage you.

Here’s the deal:
My whole life I was told I was fragile, a princess, delicate. And yet I did this. I accomplished this feat. I traversed this mountain.

But I didn’t do it alone.

It was only by God’s presence and power.
It was only by Him showing up, guiding me, and carrying me through.

I don’t know what sort of pain you are facing today. And I don’t know what you’ve been told you are. But I know who God says you are—⠀⠀

*Never alone (Matthew 28:20).

*Held by the hand of God (Psalm 73:23).

*More than a conqueror (Romans 8:37).

*Filled with the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the grave (Romans 8:11).

I pray you are encouraged by this truth and by this snippet of my story to overcome the limits and the labels that have been put on you and to do things far greater, more difficult (and even seemingly impossible) than you ever imagined with the help of our God who can do more than you ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

Our God is the God who equips us to defy odds, to overcome labels, and to shock statistics. Let’s go forth today empowered by this powerful truth.

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