eat right for your blood type

I recommend everyone see a holistic doctor. It’s changed my life.

However, if for some reason you are unable, do yourself a favor and find out your bloodtype. Then google “eating for your bloodtype” and you can find tons of free information on the topic!

For almost a year, I have been seeing a holistic doctor. When I first came to him, I was experiencing some pretty intense digestive issues. He tested my body through applied kinesiology to find out to which foods I am sensitive… which foods I was eating that my body couldn’t process that were therefore completely running down my immune system.

I cut out gluten, dairy, soy, and corn (among others) and my immune system skyrocketed – as did my overall health. I felt better, slept better, and had more energy.

Then, just recently I found out what my bloodtype is, and I was shocked to find that virtually all the suggestions made by my holistic doctor were supported by this method/theory.

So do yourself a favor! Find out your bloodtype. Begin incorporating changes according to the foods your body likes, is neutral toward, and doesn’t like. And I guarantee you will notice a difference in your health!

Here are some direct links I have found for a few of the types:

O negative blood type diet. (This list is the most extensive with detailed categories on which foods are “highly beneficial,” “neutral,” and which you should “avoid.”)
B positive blood type diet.A positive blood type diet.

And if you are in the LA area and want to visit my holistic doctor, you can do so here.

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