3 tools that saved me as a new mom

Becoming a mom is a great joy.
But becoming a mom is a whole new world of unknowns and uncharted territory.

It can be a lot to figure out how to:
*care for a tiny human
*recover physically from childbirth
*adjust to your new role as a mother.

In an effort to alleviate and not overwhelm, I’m simply sharing–

3 tools that saved me as a new mom

1. Taking Cara Babies

Before having Noelle, I spent a lot of time with babies. I have nephews and nieces and was a nanny for years. I thought I knew how to soothe babies just fine, and yet there were nights Noelle would cry for hours despite Clay’s and my best efforts.

We took Cara’s newborn class when Noelle was 8 weeks old, and it gave us the tools we needed to help Noelle sleep.

Cara shares some purely magical tricks, some of which go completely against natural intuition, to calm babies like I have never seen before! I cannot recommend this course enough. And I definitely recommend taking it before your little one arrives!

Cara also shares great tips on her Instagram feed @takingcarababies.


2. BodyFit by Amy

At one year postpartum, I am still not 100% back to my pre-pregnancy workouts. It is definitely a journey to rebuild strength and repair structure–especially if you have diastasis recti (ab separation) like I did.

Amy’s postnatal workouts–all FREE on her YouTube channel–have helped me heal physically, destress mentally, and rest easy knowing I am safely getting stronger.

Amy also has prenatal workouts (which I wish I had discovered sooner!) Be sure to follow her on Instagram @bodyfitbyamy.


3. Happy Healthy Littles

When we started feeding Noelle solids at 6 months, she started throwing up randomly. It was sad and scary, and the worst part was we couldn’t narrow it down to a specific cause. I felt helpless and confused.

Enter Dani and Whitney with Happy Healthy Littles.

They guided us through a food introduction program with supplementation to get Noelle properly digesting her food.

But their care didn’t stop there. Their postnatal package is a priceless tool for all things baby and mama health–from digestive support to skin support (think excema, diaper rash, colic) to immune system, adrenal, and sleep support.

Let’s just say I already purchased their Preconception Package to get WAY ahead before we even think about trying for Baby #2. I now feel empowered with clarity and owe it all to these ladies @happyhealthylittles.

Happy Healthy Littles DISCOUNT!

Use code “meredith35” at checkout for 35% off any of their packages–Preconception, Prenatal, and Postnatal. You will also get 25% off your first order on supplements! (And then 15% off for life thereafter!)

This has been the. best. thing. that I have done for Noelle’s and my health!

Love you ladies!

I am so grateful that God has met me and guided me and strengthened me on this journey of motherhood. I truly believe these 3 tools have been gifts from Him along the way.

I pray they help you on your own journey of motherhood–this beautiful, stressful, sweet and emotional journey. And I pray you will pass them along to other mamas!

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