from tragedy to hope

Dang This Is Us—it gets me every time. But this time, specifically with the plot line of a pregnancy with twins.

It’s really tough to watch. I think of those twins we lost. My heart still doesn’t feel settled about it. My mind still hasn’t come to terms with it. And I’m not sure it ever will.

As the tears spilled out after we turned off the TV, Clay held me close. I kept waiting for him to say something to make me feel better, but I knew nothing he said would. And when I told him this, he admitted he didn’t have any words to make me feel better.

“There are no words” is one of the phrases I have come to think of and say often when it comes to miscarriage. There are no words that will alleviate that ache. There are no words that will right that wrong. There are no words that will shed light into that utter darkness.

But there is Jesus.

There is what He has done to make death not have the final say.
There is the truth that they are with Him right now in Heaven.
And there is the truth that He is with me in the hurt and in the ache, for as long as I will walk this earth.⠀⠀

If you have suffered this unspeakable loss or are walking through any other sort of tragedy that you can’t make sense of, I pray the peace that surpasses all understanding—the peace that transcends circumstances, the peace of the Holy Spirit that Jesus gifted to us when He ascended into Heaven—would descend upon you, would fill you up, and would lighten your heart and mind.

Jesus endured the most unspeakable pain and sacrifice that this tragedy wouldn’t be the end of our story.

There is light up ahead. And it will be truly marvelous.

“Yeah I should be in that fire
But now there’s fire inside of me
Here I am a dead man walking
No grave gonna hold God’s people.”
– Crowder

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