how to plan a wedding in 6 months flat: week 13

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Okay, I had no idea I got this much done this past week. It really didn’t seem like it, but the list don’t lie!

how to plan a wedding in 6 months flat: week 13

  • Purchase wedding bands: this was so much fun. I got to go in and meet Clay’s “guy” he’d been meeting with in secret for months before we got engaged. we ordered my band but still need to do a little more research to find Clay’s.
  • reserve rehearsal dinner location: Clay’s parents took us to the restaurant in Malibu where they were interested in hosting our rehearsal dinner. the food was delicious, the view spectacular, and needless to say we approve!
  • view sample and approve invitations: also weigh at post office, buy stamps, get those things printed! we got to see a sample of our invitations – which we absolutely love! I took one to the post office to make sure we didn’t need more than one stamp. they are being printed and will arrive next week!
  • Schedule mani pedis for wedding eve: I went ahead and made the appointment for my bridesmaids and I to get our nails done the day before the wedding. I mean… I probably didn’t need to book this so early, but there’s just something so satisfying about checking things off my list!
  • Order bridesmaids gifts: I was searching and searching and had no idea what to get my bridesmaids as a gift, and I finally “happened” to find the perfect thing for the perfect price!
  • purchase flower girl dress: I found the most adorable flower girl dress on Etsy. I can’t wait to see our sweet flower girl wearing it!
  • email “day of timeline” to vendors for approval: make sure all vendors are on the same page – that they know when they are arriving, what they are doing when, and when they are contracted to leave!
  • order signage (take 2!): so my previous attempt at getting some signs made for the wedding fell through, but my wedding coordinator has an adorable friend who makes adorable signs, so I met with her to place an order!
  • engagement video (round 2!): we ran out of time to finish our engagement video shoot the first time around, so we went to the beach to film the rest this past weekend. I can’t wait to watch and re-watch the story of our love story.

I keep reminding myself admist a strong desire for the wedding to “just be here already!” that we are more than halfway through! I know it will continue to fly by, and that I still have plenty left to do in the meantime. I am trying to focus on being present and enjoying this transition period.

Clay has started to bring over some of his stuff as he has a friend moving into his room (he won’t actually move in until after the wedding though – to be clear!), so I am also “nesting” as I arrange and compile and mix our things together. It’s such a cool metaphor of our lives becoming more intertwined each day. I can’t wait to say goodnight and instead of goodbye in just three short months!

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